Slingshot Butter Bar 2019

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The Butter Bar is the start of every quiver. Built for success, excitement and ease of use.

BENEFIT: Easy to learn, great for skate style tricks, spins, and all-around cruising. Less Buoyancy = easier deep water starts for beginners. Customizable fin setups allow users to increase stability for beginners or break free for first time spins and tricks.

  • Customizable fin configurations
  • Full EVA deck pad
  • Double Concave Hull
  • Dual cupped rail channels
  • Mild Nose Rocker
  • Pin Tail design

SIZES:  4'4" - 100 - 250 LBS

              4'8" - 125 - 275 LBS

Package Includes:  BUTTER BAR BOARD, 3 x 2” SYMMETRICAL G10 FINS